Commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

The climate your business is based on, the importance of commercial air conditioning should not be underestimated for your business. The air conditioning and HVAC system in commercial building installing and maintenance has traditionally been implemented with the focus on building code compliance, statutory requirements of health and safety. The modern business world providing a clean and healthy working environment is of paramount importance.The scientific study has drawn clear parallels between a healthy working environment and high productivity level. Additionally providing the comfortable condition for building occupants and visitors.

Options like the energy efficient heat pump air conditioning is a wise choice whether you are managing an office, a restaurant, a showroom, shopping complex, or any facilities requiring an air conditioning system.

An outdated air conditioning or ventilation system can have unpleasant problems or even drain on the building's energy supply, creating unnecessary expenses. It is important to have your air conditioning professionally installed and maintained by a certified professional.

Air-Ref Heating and Cooling Engineers have been in the trade of air conditioning, heating, HVAC, and refrigeration for over 26 years, we have vast experience in selecting the right option for a given environment and providing installing, maintenance, servicing with friendly, efficient and performance.

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